About FlashStack

Our Approach to flash fiction

Response and reaction to stimuli is fundamental to how we navigate our way in the world. Sometimes it is conscious and carefully considered but often there is an innate, instinctive reaction driven by our subconscious. It is our memories and past experiences that shape us. There may be commonalities and shared elements, but variations in past experience create a unique response for each individual. This concept lies at the heart of FlashStack.

In a world that’s running faster and faster, Flash Fiction is well suited to engage with a broad section of society who find themselves with less time in the day but still have the desire to write or read literature which illuminates the human condition. Its constraints on word count ensure that every word has real purpose and meaning, something which, with social media and the rise of fake news, appears to be diminishing in our current climate.

Each week one of our members chooses a prompt image to inspire our stories. It is truly fascinating how the same image can resonate differently with our writers and trigger such a broad and varied response in their stories which have a maximum length of 300 words.

The winner is voted for by their peers and their story is published here along with the accompanying image. We hope to build a rich and diverse collective of writers and gather their best work here for you to read.

The image that started it all. The first FlashStack prompt.